Off the Coast, Maine's International Poetry Journal

WINTER 2013: "Let Me In"

Cover image, Winter 2013 issue, photo: Lajba by Marcin Majkowski

With poems by Lee Sharkey, Paul Hostovsky, Jean L. Kreiling, Elaine Moynahan, Elizabeth Kerlikowski and others.

Artwork and photos by Eleanor Leone Bennett, Yaseen Anwer, Kathleen Gunton, Stephen Ajadi, Laird Kopp and others, with cover image by Marcin Majkowski.

Books reviewed:

Gerald George: Go to the Pine: Quoddy Journals, 2005-2010 by Mark Pawlak

Michelle Leavitt: The Raveling Braid by Toni Hanner

Ellen Jane Powers: Moonlight in the Redemptive Forest by Michael Daley

Moira Richards: Interruptions, collaborative poems by Jessy Randall & Daniel M. Shapiro

Sharon Bray: Drive-Through Window by Barbara Bald

Carl Little: March & Mad Women by Linda Aldrich

The Winter 2013 issue, "Let Me In," has sold out."