Off the Coast, Maine's International Poetry Journal

Winter 2011 Images
"Souls at the Gates of Paradise"


Call, photo: Austin Rau

Blurred Memory photo by Kathy Hansen

Blurred Memory, photo: Kathy Hansen

Twist in the Quince by Dina Petrillo

Twist in the Quince, Deep Emboss Collagraph Print: Dina Petrillo

Lilly Lake photo by Colleen Purcell

Lilly Lake, photo: Colleen Purcell

Benched photo by Michael Sutton

Benched, photo: Michael Sutton

Sidewalk photo by Austin Rau

Sidewalk, photo: Austin Rau

Knucks photo by Ganesha Balunsat

Knucks, photo: Ganesha Balunsat

Doll Face photo by James Metcalf

Doll Face, photo: James Metcalf

You and I photo by Jeanpaul Ferro

You and I, photo: Jéanpaul Ferro

Boy drawing by Stephen Ajadi

Boy, drawing: Stephen Ajadi

Burning Wire Casing for Copper photo by George Van Deventer

Burning Wire Casing for Copper, photo: George Van Deventer