Off the Coast, Maine's International Poetry Journal

SUMMER 2012: "Sparkler Circles"

Athens Hope, photo by Laird Kopp

Front Cover Photo: Athens Hope
photo: Laird Kopp

Moroccan Boats photo by Janet Favor

Back Cover Photo: Moroccan Boats
photo: Janet Favor

Live Oak, Roanoke Sound by Steve Lautermilch

Back Cover Photio: Live Oak, Roanoke Sound
photo: Steve Lautermilch

Co-parenting, photo by Willy Conley

Co-Parenting photo: Willy Conley

Thoughts photo by Colleen Purcell

Thoughts, photo: Colleen Purcell

Girl with Horses photo by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Girl with Horses photo: Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Mary Statue with Gull by Willy Conley

Mary Statue with Gull photo: Willy Conley

And the Oil Falls Through photo: Eleanor Leonne bennett

And the Oil Falls Through
photo: Eleanor Leonne bennett

A Coastal Glimpse photo by Maleah Chadwick

A Coastal Glimpse
photo: Maleah Chadwick

Exit photo by Laird Kopp

photo: Laird Kopp

Fishernmen by Colleen Purcell

photo: Colleen Purcell

Hive Trouble by Debra Arter

Hive Trouble
photo: Debra Arter

Girl in Truck Bed by Willy Conleyv

Girl in Truck Bed
photo: Willy Conley

$5 a Gallon by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

$5 a Gallon
photo: Eleanor Leonne Bennett