Off the Coast, Maine's International Poetry Journal

SUMMER 2012: "Green"

Cover image, Summer 2012 issue, Sparkler Circles

Featuring poems by Alfred Nichol, Donnarkevic, Simon Perchik, Ilene Millman, Daniel Lusk, Kathryn Nelson, Kenneth Frost and others.

Artwork and photos by Eleanor Leone Bennett, Willy Conley, Maleah Chadwick, Debra Arter, and Colleen Purcell with cover images by Laird Kopp, Janet Favor and Steve Lautermilch.

Books reviewed:

Coyote Bush: Poems from the Lost Coast by Peter Nash
Azanian Love Song by Don Mattera
Road Ghosts by John Roach
Bare and Breaking by Karin Schimke
My Suffolk Downs by Melissa Shook
The Maze Beyond the Garden by Janusz Czubakowski

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