Off the Coast, Maine's International Poetry Journal

SUMMER 2011: "Taming the Tides"

Currituck Light Lens, photo by Meghan Agresto

Currituck Light Lens,
photo: Meghan Agresto

Currituck Light Lens photo by Steve Lautermilch

Currituck Light Lens
photo: Steve Lautermilch

Reflection After Rain, Guilin, China by Betsey Headley

Reflection After Rain, Guilin, China,
photo: Betsy Headley

Allegro-Andante photo by Sarah Katharina Kayss

Allegro-Andante, photo: Sarah Katharina Kayß

Time and Again photo by Chuck Marecic

Time and Again, photo: Chuck Marecic

Solitudine photo by Sarah Katharina Kayss

Solitudine, photo: Sarah Katharina Kayß

Reed Sculpture photo by Sherman Poultney

Reed Sculpture,
photo: Sherman Poultney

Statue with Pigeon, Milan photo by Chuck Marecic

Statue with Pigeon, Milan,
photo: Chuck Marecic

What's the Price of Kindle? photo by Eleanor Leonne Bennet

What's the Price of Kindle?, photo: Eleanor Leonne Bennet

Light in Dark photo by Yaseen Anwer

Light in Dark, photo: Yaseen Anwer

Dancing Starfish by Chuck Marecic

Dancing Starfish,
photo: Chuck Marecic