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SPRING 2016: "The Strong Indifferent Wind"

The Spring 2016 issue, "The Strong Indifferent Wind," is available now.

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With poems by Sheikha A., Wendy Drexler, Lisa Grove, Paul Hostovsky, Donald Illich, Rich Ives, Becky Kennedy, Aras Onur, Timothy Robbins, Jan Shoemaker, D. E. Steward, and others.

Cover image: Untitled by Justin Coelho.

Artwork and Photos by Justin Coelho, Peter Ingrasselino, Michael Burgholzer, Lynn Hoffman, Janet Barry, Sherman Poultney, Chaun Ballard, and Kathleen Gunton.

Books reviewed:

Moira Richards: Somewhere Piano by Sarah Busse

Carl Little: Plumb Line by Steve Luttrell

Moira Richards: Church of Needles by Sarah Sousa


Sheikha A. is poetry editor at eFiction India. Her blog is

Chaun Ballard teaches in the Middle East and West Africa with his wife. He is currently a graduate student in the University of Alaska.

Janet Barry has been included in Best Indie Lit New England. She judges for Poetry Out Loud.

Brad Bennett enjoys the haiku moments he encounters each day.

Michael Burgholzer, a programmer, has published poems and photographs in German and American journals.

Susana H. Case's newest book is 4 Rms w Vu (Mayapple, 2014).

Sara Clancy is an Associate Editor for Poetry at Kentucky Review.


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