Off the Coast, Maine's International Poetry Journal

SPRING 2011: "To Trap the Sun"

Cover image, Spring 2011 issue,

Featuring poems by by James Doyle, Marcia Hurlow, Ruth Moon Kempher, Joanne Lowery, Andy Macera, Simon Perchik, Cornelia Veenendaal, and others.

Artwork and photos by Dawn Alman, Janet Barry, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, Kathleen Gunton, David Rachlin and Jouni Tossavainen with cover images by Joyce S. Brown and Chris Woods.

Books reviewed:
Alice Ages and Ages by Sarah White
The Bolt-Cutters by Thomas R. Moore
Night of Pure Breathing by Gerald Fleming
Living Must Bury by Josie Sigler
Nostalgic Waves from Soweto: Poetic memories of the June 16th Uprising by Sol (Solrha) Rachilo

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