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FALL 2015: "The False Linearity of Seeing"

The Fall 2015 issue, "The False linearity of Seeing," is available now.

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With poems by Graham Akhurst, Ace Boggess, Jennifer Freed, Alamgir Hashmi, Rage Hezekiah, Marcia Hurlow, Mercedes Lawry, George Looney, Tendai Rinos Mwanaka, Simon Perchik, Suzannah Spaar and others.

We are pleased to publish Laurence Coe's poem, "Before," winner of the 2015 Maine Postmark Poetry Competition sponsored by the Belfast Poetry Festival, and Prajakta Jamindar and Tabish Ahmed, winners of the Mood Indigo IIT Bombay "Just About Write" literary competition.

Front Cover image: Femme en pied by Ivan de Monbrison. Back Cover: A Delicate Dance by Carol Deprez.

Artwork and Photos by Michael Burgholzer, Thomas Gillaspy, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, Stewart Manley, Ivan de Monbrison, Bonnie Thompson Enes, Molly Touchie, and Kathy Weinberg.

Books reviewed:

Ellen Jane Powers: Salty Liquor by Gary Rainford

Michael Brown: Strata by Helen Eriksson, translated by Jan Teeland and Wendy Klein

Valerie Lawson: Figments by Gerald George


Graham Akhurst is an Aboriginal writer from the Kokomini of Northern Queensland.

Prerna Bakshi is a Macao-based poet of Indian origin. She tweets at @bprerna.

Brad Bennett has noticed that we published a bunch of his haiku over the years.

Daya Bhat is a freelance translator also interested in painting, reading and blogging.

Ace Boggess is an ex-con, ex-husband, ex-reporter, and completely exhausted by all the things he isn't anymore.

Michael Burgholzer, a programmer, has published poems and photographs in German language and American literary journals.

Peter Burzynski is a PhD student in Creative Writing-Poetry at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


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