Off the Coast, Maine's International Poetry Journal

FALL 2014: "Charged With Anticipation"

Cover, Fall 2014 issue

The Fall 2014 issue, "Charged With Anticipation," is available now.

With poems by Karen Greenbaum-Maya, Lois Marie Harrod, Richard Kostelanetz, Milla van der Have, Brad Bennett, Teresa Sutton, Derek Via, Doug McGlothlin, and others.

Front Cover image: Longing by Malinda Fillingim. Back Cover image: Blue Koi by Rachel Avenia.

Photos by Bonnie Thompson Enes, and Karen Greenbaum Maya.

Books reviewed:

Midge Goldberg: I Can Almost See the Clouds of Dust, by Melissa Balmain

Richard Aston: Alternative Medicine, by Rafael Campo

Moira Richards: Mend & Hone, by Elizabeth Howort, Dawn Gorman, Leslie LaChance, Janlori Goldman

Moira Richards: Migrations, by Phyllia Beck Katz

Carl Little: Graffiti Calculus, A Poem by Mary-Sherman Willis


Emma Suárez-Báez holds a Masters Degree in Bilingual Education and works with children and teachers at P.S. 340 in Bronx, New York. In her writing process she works in two languages - whether the product reveals it or not. She crafts words together to reflect the fabric of a bilingual mind and self. Her poem "Almost Evenly Divided" was published in Naomi Nye's anthology What Have You Lost? and reprinted by EMC Publisher and Hampton Brown in their literature textbooks. Last year she published "In This Instant" and " A Clothesline in Italy" in the Block Island's Poetry Project anthology Where Beach Meets Ocean.

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