Off the Coast, Maine's International Poetry Journal

FALL 2013: "This Metonymic Chain"

Cover image, Fall 2013 issue, watercolor: Prabhu Joshi

With poems by Diana Der-Hovanessian, Victoria Givotovsky, Lynn Hoffman, Romi Jain, Joanne Lowery, Arthur Plotnik, Penelope Schott, Nbada Sibanda, Danny Earl Simmons, and others.

Cover image: Mindscape 3, by Prabhu Joshi.

Photos by Janet Barry, Pete Madzelan, Sammy Saladino, Jr., Fabio Sassi, Emily Strauss, Alan Whiteside and Gina Williams.

Books reviewed:

Carl Little: Epitaphs for the Poets by Wesli Court

Gerald George: Triage by Tam Lin Neville

Sharon Bray: Unguarded Crossing by Bob Brooks

Moira Richards: Piano Notes on Pavement by Hannah Wirth

Sheila Mullen Twyman: Alter Mundus by Lucia Gazzino
translated by Michael Daley

Ellen Jane Powers: My Funeral Gondola by Fiona Sze-Lorrain

Michele Leavitt: Sanctuary by Patricia Monaghan

Gerald George: Boy Singing to Cattle by Mark D. Hart


Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams' manuscript memoir The Following Sea has been recognized with a Rona Jaffe Writers Award and a North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship.

Cathy Allman has a master's degree in creative writing and teaches creativity workshops.

Glen Armstrong, who holds an MFA from UMass Amherst and teaches at Oakland University, edits Cruel Garters.

Janet Barry, musician and poet, has had poems and photographs in previous issues.

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