Off the Coast, Maine's International Poetry Journal

FALL 2011: "Everything Here"

Cover image, Fall 2011 issue, Everything Here

Featuring poems by Karie Friedman, Ray Skjelbred, Gayle Elen Harvey, Michel Young, Carolyn Gelland, and J. Stephen Rhodes.

Artwork and photos by Cesar Augusto, Jean Schild, Ali Asghar Abedi, Sarah Katharina Kayß, Sherman Poultney, and Yaseen Anwer with cover image by Irene Koronas.

Books reviewed:
Turn of a Phrase: Pivotal Positions in Poetic Prose by Branch Isole
The Battlefield Guide by Rodger Martin
The Bodies Beneath the Table by W. D. Ehrhart
Within Reach by M.J. Iuppa
Maine in Four Seasons: 20 Poets Celebrate the Turning Year edited by Wesley McNair

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