Off the Coast, Maine's International Poetry Journal

The Mission of Off the Coast is to become recognized around the world as Maine's international poetry journal, a publication that prizes quality, diversity and honesty in its publications and in its dealings with poets.

Off the Coast, a quarterly journal by Resolute Bear Press, publishes poetry, artwork and reviews. Arranged much like an anthology, each issue bears a title drawn from a line or phrase from one of its poems. "Something New To Say To The Sea," the title of the Summer Water Issue in 2010 came from the poem, "The River" by Susan Johnson.

Off the Coast History

Off the Coast began as an extension of the Live Poets Society Bird Logo of The Maine Live Poets Society in Rockland, Maine in 1989. Cathy Baker of Spruce Head, ME was the dynamo behind the poetic transformation of Rockland as the "Poetry Capital of New England." Under the editorial stewardship of George Van Deventer, Off the Coast developed from an annual in the early 1990's to a triannual publication at the turn of the century.

George Van Deventer and Michael Brown after the Governor's Tea in Augusta
George Van Deventer and Michael Brown at the Governor's
Mansion in Augusta

In Spring of 2008, Valerie Lawson and Michael Brown met with George in the parking lot of the Governor's Mansion in Augusta, after the annual Poet's Tea. Off the Coast, a box of papers, a couple of computer disks and a banner, changed hands.

We committed ourselves to respecting the traditions of the journal and all it represented, including the commitment to regional and youth poets. We determined to expand the journal's audience.

We believe small presses and literary magazines are the lifeblood and testing ground for all writers. A handful of writers break through to major houses, but a much larger voice would go unheard if not for small presses and literary magazines.

Editors Valerie Lawson and Michael Brown
Editors Valerie Lawson
and Michael Brown

We read the poems submitted to Off the Coast with great pleasure and feel honored to publish remarkable poems by many writers as yet unknown.

In the Van Deventer tradition we continue to publish the work of youth poets and review a half dozen or more books in each issue. There are many reviewers who serve mainly an academic audience or as "blurb mills" for writers; we provide honest descriptions and criticism so readers can make informed decisions about the books reviewed.

Send all inquiries, submissions, and subscription requests to:


Off the Coast
P.O. Box 14
Robbinston, ME 04671

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